Cotton Promotional Bags – The “Greener” Choice For Promotional Gifts

Promotional bags have been one of the primary weapons in the corporate arsenal for years now. In the past these bags have been made of plastic, which has become significantly less popular given the environmental clutter that plastic shopping bags represent. For companies who still want to have their logos front and center, but who want to associate themselves with something more positive than plastic, the answer is cotton promotional bags.What Are Cotton Promotional Bags?Re-usable shopping bags are the wave of the future, and they’ve been gaining traction for a long time now. Many companies sell these bags as just another product, turning a profit off of them instead of providing complimentary plastic or paper shopping bags. For a company that wants to use these bags as promotional prizes, and thus earn even more goodwill from shoppers, all the company has to do is seek out a cotton bags co, select a design and number of bags, and then give them away.It’s that simple.The Benefits of Cotton Promotional BagsThere are a lot of benefits for any company that uses these promotional bags. First and foremost they’re putting their logos onto a product that people will actually use; that’s key. Promotional products should be something that people will use, which puts it in front of their eyes as well as anyone else’s eyes at the same time. It’s why pens, tee shirts, and even key chains are old standbys. Cotton promotional bags have the benefit of being something that the people who receive them will use, and the logo will be seen by anyone who sees that person shopping, regardless of where that person is shopping at.A company that gives away cotton promotional bags will also be seen as ecologically friendly, which can be important.

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New Jersey Electricians

When you do work around the house, there are some things that you can take care of on your own, while there are other things that you need to leave to the professionals. While you may find yourself in a situation where you need to take care of an electrical issue in your home, it is important that you take the time to find someone who you know can take care of it. The more that you look into it, the more that you will know that you need to find one of the many New Jersey Electricians out there who are going to be able to help you out. The more that you look for them, the better quality you are going to be able to find. While you may consider yourself a Weekend Warrior who can take care of this and that around the house, there are some things that you just need to leave to the professionals before you can try it out on your own. For example, if you are looking to change a light bulb, you can typically do it on your own. On the other hand, if you are looking to work on the electrical grid of your home, or you are looking to install a new lighting fixture into your wall, it is important that you call out professional Electricians to take care of it. It s not just that you don t know what you are doing and you could cause damage now, it is that you could cause a significant amount of damage down the line as well. The more that you look into it when you are looking for an electrician, the more that you want to find someone that you know you can trust. Getting a great price is important, but you also want quality from the service as well. You can find a whole listing of New Jersey electricians in your area by taking a look online. Once you get a list, you can set up consults with all of the professionals that you are considering.

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Buy now pay later website

A large number of those buy now pay later websites are popping up all over the Internet. Those sites provide an alternative way for people to pay for the items that they would like to purchase online. Generally, the average shopper pays for their merchandise after purchase on the site with a credit card or a debit card. Of course, this is a very convenient way to pay for purchases, but there is a new kid in town. The buy now pay later website like “” A buy now and pay later website offers their customers a line of credit. The shopper is able to shop at a number of sites and take the option to pay at a later date for the merchandise that they purchased. This is a very convenient way to acquire the items wanted and pay for them in installments. There are a number of stores that currently have this option available. More stores are expected to offer this option to their customers in the near future. Of course, there are many advantages to the buy now pay later website deals. It is easy to go shopping and buy gifts for the new grad, a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift. Certainly, paying in installments eases the financial burden. Check out the buy now pay later websites “” today.

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Computer Support

Computers are the lifeline to work, school, and play. When computers get whacky or even break down, Toronto IT services are vital. Individual users and businesses in Toronto have a variety of options when it comes to choosing a company to provide IT support.In Toronto, Canada, the government has a Division of Information and Technology as an initial resource for Toronto IT services. The mission on the website states the department helps by ‘translating business needs into information and technology solutions’. And no matter how large or small the Toronto IT services needed, this site lists the names and contact numbers for the people to point you in the correct direction.Another avenue for exploration when looking for Toronto IT support is the Internet. Whether contacting a local university, like Seneca School of Information Technology, Humber College or York University, businesses can locate very inexpensive or free access to Toronto IT support services from students and internships. This also allows students to also receive school credit.But if there is a quick fix needed as soon as possible, individual consumers and businesses in search of Toronto IT support do need to be careful. Any consumer can fall prey to a scam. When it comes to having internet issues, confusion can often lead to chaos. A quick call to the consumer’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the safest place to start.In addition to calling the ISP, consumer review websites, like, offer a trusted resource for a variety of companies offering Toronto IT services. By reading the reviews and comments on such sites, consumers are better geared to make this important choice.

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I’m getting married

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in a woman s life, but there is a great deal of planning and preparation involved. You will need to plan for all of the wedding essentials such as your dress, cake, flowers, food and the wedding invitations.In order to start making these choices you have to decide on a color scheme and theme for your wedding. Hopefully you have set the date and can use the season that your wedding is taking place in to decide on colors, theme, and what kind of flowers you will use. It is your wedding, though, so it can be whatever you want. Selecting your dress is one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding. You have probably been imagining your perfect wedding dress since you were a young child. You really will feel like a princess as you try on dresses and select the perfect one for you. Whatever style of dress you choose, you will look beautiful.Choosing your cake and food will be a fun way to spend time with your fianc. You should be able to find a baker and caterer that will allow you to try samples of cakes and food for your wedding. Sampling different flavors of cake with your husband to be sure does sound like a fun way to spend an afternoon. Now that you have selected a theme and colors for your wedding you can also begin planning your wedding invitations. The wedding invitations are a great way to showcase your wedding and your personality. They are the first glimpse at your wedding that your guests will get. You will want to select the invitations early on in the process. It is true that you do not send them out until later, but you will want matching save the date cards. Wedding season is busy and you want to make sure your guests can plan ahead and be there for your big day. Planning a wedding is fun, but it can take a great deal of time and effort. You will want to get started as soon as possible and probably recruit some friends and family to help. Relax, it is all going to come together and be a day you will never forget.

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Alcohol Tam Cards for Vegas

In Nevada, people who work in the hospitality industry must have an Alcohol Education Card for Nevada, which is often referred to as a TAM card, before they can serve alcoholic beverages. Those who work as security guards in alcohol serving establishments as well as those who work in retail stores that sell alcohol must have this card too. This law extends to persons who work in any of these industries in any county of Nevada with a population of more than 400,000 residents.Age Requirements and DurationThere are a few specifications for those who want to get a Las Vegas Tam card. The first one of these is age related. All applicants must be at least 16 years of age to get the Alcohol Education Card for Nevada. People who are 16 to 17 years of age can only handle sealed or corked alcohol while under the supervision of an adult even if they have the TAM card. Card holders must be 21 years of age to be able to serve, handle, sell or mix open alcohol. The card is valid for 4 years and after the 4 year period, card holders must be recertified. How Do I Get the Alcohol Education Card?There a few ways to go about obtaining your Las Vegas tam card. Classes may be taken online or in a campus site environment. Both of these classes are acceptable under Nevada law requiring this certification to all alcohol handlers. An Online Tam card course is convenient and offered through numerous companies. After completing the alcohol awareness class, you will receive a Las Vegas tam card, which is also referred to as an Alcohol Education Card for Nevada. Either way that you complete it, an online tam card course or an onsite course, you will meet Nevada’s requirements. Why Is This the Law?In 2007, the state made this a law to reduce the number of underage drinking infractions, to help to make alcohol servers aware of identification requirements and to limit the serving of intoxicated individuals. This course makes staff more educated on all procedures relating to alcohol, which benefits bot the individual as well as the alcohol serving establishment. Any establishment that does not comply with this law may be fined up to $5000.

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Wedding Guests

If you are going to have your wedding in the exciting city of Las Vegas, you want to have invitations that entice your guests. You ll want to find Las Vegas Wedding invitations that are unique to the occasion and the location. Vegas is a city where the action is going to happen around the clock, and your guests are going to enjoy many different types of entertainment during their visit. To prepare them for the festivities and fun, you can get playing card invitations that remind them of gambling. The thought of hitting the black jack or poker tables may be enough to get them on a plane for a long trip. Welcome sign invitations are also perfect for your Las Vegas wedding, since many places are going to have neon welcome signs glowing all night. You can pick your invitation theme, insert all of the information for the occasion online, and then the invitations are printed and sent to your front door. You can even get envelopes that are printed with your return address information or with the address information for your guests. Your wedding is going to be fast and exciting, and you want the invitations you send to express the upcoming fun.

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App development in London

Smart phones are playing a vital part in our lives and the need for applications to run on them is only getting stronger. Many companies have seen the advantages that they can get through having an app that gives them the opportunity to stay in constant contact with their customers. In order to establish this kind of loyalty, however, the company must have their own application created and that requires the knowledge and ability which in most cases they do not have. Some companies have chosen to look and see what iPhone and Android app developers London may have to offer, if only for the fact that the prices of these applications are important to them. Even though an app is important, technology has to be paid for and the best price will always win out in the end. It is not as though the company can make their own application, that would simply be a recipe for disaster. Before beginning your quest to find the right Mobile developers London has to offer, it is important to know what you plan on using your application for and what kind of budget you will be working with. There are many questions that only a true app developer can answer like whether you will need a web based or a native application and which one will be able to serve you better. Once you have made arrangements with one of the experienced UK app developers, you should ensure that all the legal requirements are handled before the work gets underway. A price needs to be agreed upon beforehand and the app description will also need to be covered. Your developer will go through all the stages with you, including making sure that the app is tested and ready for you to offer it to your customers.

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Ferrari and Lamborghini Cars

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Do you want to travel in style while you are there?You’re in luck, if you are curious about trying out exotic car rental, Las Vegas is the place to do it. Whether it’s a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, there are many businesses that will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. Maybe you’ve dreamed of what it is like to take a Testarossa for a spin. Perhaps the thought of driving a Gallardo on your paid vacation has crossed your mind. Elegant rental fleets are right at your fingertips, ready to meet your needs and just a phone call away.Where should you start? Vegas Luxury Rides is a popular rental company that has several exotic cars for you to choose from at any given time. Gotham Dream Cars is also another viable choice for a luxury rental vendor. Vegas Exotic Rentals can be considered, as well. All of these companies have the super car of your dreams, at reasonable and competitive pricing. Why spend all your vacation time at the casino when you can be behind the wheel of one of mankind’s finest machines?If you’re an automotive enthusiast, renting an exotic car is an opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up. Not everyone has several hundred thousand dollars to plunk down on a high end super car. This is the solution for those people – and maybe even you.

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How to scrap your car

Do you want to scrap your car in Cardiff? You can do so quite easily because there is a demand of old cars that are ready for the scrap yard. There are vehicles that can last far longer than anyone ever expected. A 25 year old vehicle can possibly get up to 200,000 miles on it. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and an old car such as this just might end up suffering from major problems that are just too costly to fix or simply cannot be fixed. When the old car reaches this point, then it is likely going to be earmarked for the scrap yard. Getting the car to the scrap yard can be a headache if you try to do it on your own. A vehicle that is no longer operational would have to be towed to the scrap yard. There is no reason to go through such a hassle. Contacting a reputable scrap car removal service can eliminate all the unnecessary steps of having to bring the vehicle to the yard. A representative from the removal service can travel to your location and pick the vehicle up for removal. And yes, that old scrap car might end up being sold for a very good price. There is always a demand for old scrap parts so do not assume that old model sitting in your garage or yard has no value. If it has been sitting there for some time, do not worry. A simple phone call can get the process started quickly and doing so might end up putting dollars into your pocket. Again, many assume the process is a long and arduous one. It is most certainly not. A price can be quoted and, if you accept it, the car will be taken right to the scrap yard. So, if you want to sell car for scrap, click here.

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Wedding Invitations

If you are one of those lucky couples to have your wedding planned for a beach venue, there are a limitless possibilities for the types of wedding invitations to prepare and send. Beach wedding invitations are a great opportunity to show your imagination and skills at organization. If the beach wedding is in a convenient and familiar locale, beach wedding invitations can contain standard features like sea n’ surf-themed cards, colors and gift ideas. If the location of your wedding is in a tropical location which is a bit more exotic than most people are accustomed to, the job of sending invitations is a bit more exciting.Modern beach-themed weddings and wedding invitations are proven to be extremely successful when sent via modern social media platforms. For virtually no cost, inventive invitations to weddings and receptions can be sent out to a long list of guests using customized graphic templates and a some imagination. Virtual, graphic, and all digital invitations are easily designed with themes, pictures and messages that would normally be costly and time prohibitive with traditional paper and postal invitations. Traditional paper invitations always come with the added worry of delivery inconsistencies. With customized beach passport invitations, all of the people on the guest list will receive the same invitation via social connectivity almost immediately after the invitations are sent. This leaves plenty of time for planning, and saves a bundle of money on postage.With instant communication, checking guests at the reception or main ceremony is also very easy. Simply check everyone’s customized beach boarding passes on their mobile device as proof of an invitation. For those relatives and friends who are not connected, send out a traditional invitation. For those guest who are connected, a wedding or reception is the perfect opportunity to design a beach-themed virtual invitation complete with ocean highlights, grass skirt accents and individually-labeled beach boarding passes to a VIP wedding party.

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Landscaping and your pool.

When it comes time to adding a beautiful decor around your swimming pool, many people choose to have concrete designs or stone patios. There are other people who prefer to contact a landscaping NJ professional to create a beautiful landscaping alternative that can look appealing and be functional at the same time. Here are just a few of the benefits of having your swimming pool surrounded by beautiful landscaping.The landscaping NJ experts will show you that there are many benefits to having trees and shrubbery around your pool as compared to a simple stone or concrete design. The first benefit to adding some beautiful trees in the landscaping around the pool is that they will give you added privacy that even a fence can not offer. When the trees are in full bloom during the summer the added foliage will block neighbors from being able to see you enjoying your time in the pool. Another benefit to landscaping around your swimming pool is you can hide certain items that are needed to keep the pool operating. Pool filter systems and heating systems can look out of place in the yard when they are near or around the perimeter of the pool. A landscaping NJ expert team can surround heater pumps, filter systems and exterior plumbing piping with low shrubbery and small decorative flowers. These shrubs can be pruned to keep them very uniform yet hide all the exterior working components of the swimming pool. These areas can still be easily accessed by your pool maintenance man but will be difficult to see by your guests. The landscaping NJ experts can also add color and beauty to the surroundings of the swimming pool with colorful low lying plants that thrive in direct sunlight all year long. These landscaping techniques will complement your swimming pool and create a fun place to entertain family and friends for years to come.

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Choosing Scottsdale over Phoenix.

Thr r fur great reasons t move t Arizona, nd thf r Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa nd Tempe. If fu w–h t purchase home -n Arizona, talented Phoenix, AZ real estate agent w-ll mk th experience f finding th perfect Phoenix homes fr sale stress free. A Scottsdale realtor wh — familiar w-ll ll f th neighborhoods – wll – th local housing market w-ll give fu excellent advice – fu work fur wf thrugh nw home purchase; Scottsdale Homes for sale.People relish living -n Phoenix nt nlf fr th outstanding climate tht facilitates year-round outdoor activities, but l- fr th culture nd recreation th city provides. Enjoy shopping trip t th Arizona Center -n downtown Phoenix, r explore Camelback Mountain fr day f hiking nd climbing. Tk -n concert t th open-air Cricket Pavilion amphitheater r th petroglyphs t th Deer Valley Rock Art Center. Gardeners nd nature enthusiasts flock t th Desert Botanical Garden t – th vast collection f desert plants;DC ranch homes for sale. If fu r planning t move t Scottsdale, you’ll r-t u–ng th free downtown travel n th Scottsdale Trolley year round. Art lovers enjoy visiting th Scottsdale Center fr th Arts, nd th Scottsdale Museum f Contemporary Art. Delight -n th Scottsdale ArtWalk n Thursday evenings. Sports fans treasure day ut t th Scottsdale Stadium, home fr th San Francisco Giants spring training. Rare book lovers mk trip ut t th Antiquarian Shop whn thf r searching fr special volume. People living -n Mesa thrive -n th arts-rich community. Revel -n th amazing sculptures tht r n display n nd nr downtown – part f Mesa’s Permanent Sculpture Collection, nd th related Sculptures -n th Streets. Golfers r -n heaven -n Mesa, bu- thf hv access t th 9-hole Riverview Golf Cur- nd th 18-hole Dobson Ranch Golf Course. Th- beautiful courses r treat year-round -n Mesa’s pleasant climate, nd offer great reason fr making phoenix real estate investment; McCormick ranch homes for sale.Mnf individuals m t Tempe bu- f th educational opportunities t Arizona State University. Condominium living — vrf popular downtown, w-th 5,000 nw condos b-ng built here. Bf 2008, light rail w-ll cross th city nd provide easy transportation ll vr th area. A fantastic event hn- -n late summer w-th Ballet Undr th Stars t th Tempe Center fr th Arts Amphitheatre. Th Ballet Arizona performs outdoors freely fr th public, wh bring picnic dinners nd sit ut n th lawn t watch th performance. Th Angels baseball team l- d th-r spring training t th Tempe Diablo Stadium.

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Some of the best swimming pool designers

The proper maintenance and designing of a home’s infrastructure and its landscape is crucial for the aspects of retaining its value. One of the greatest additional options a homeowner has for the blueprint of their home is the installation of a swimming pool. A swimming pool in the backyard of a home has the effects of adding plenty of benefits for the homeowner and residents. A swimming pool in a home’s backyard can add a great deal of beauty in the landscaping. There is no soother feeling than seeing a sizable swimming pool filled with clear blue water and sparkling sun rays reflecting off the top of its surface. In order to achieve the perfect swimming pool to accompany one’s home, it is imperative for the homeowner to ensure that they pick the right style and shape for its design. Although the homeowner may have their own swimming pool design in mind, a well reputable swimming pool company such as pool builders NJ can help them make the best decision. Pool Company NJ has a vast array of selections for different styles and types of swimming pools which the homeowner can choose from. By choosing Pool construction NJ for the design and installation of a swimming pool, the client will be assured that they are dealing with a dependable, experienced, and well reputable company.Pool Builders NJ technicians can make any modifications the client may have in their requests of swimming pool designing and building. The pool may also be accompanied by a Jacuzzi or spa, while maintaining a safe and operable set of dimensions. It is important to ensure that the dimension aspects of the pool are a concern in the designing stages, as there are regulations for safety and maintenance purposes. Pool construction NJ has the proper knowledge, expertise, and tools to ensure that the job is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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The challenge of renovating an older pool.

There are some tremendous challenges when it comes to renovating an old in ground swimming pool. When it comes to pool renovations NJ residents need to know what inconveniences they will be facing throughout the process. Having a little knowledge of what to expect can remove any unexpected surprises that can be hard to cope with. When dealing with older inground pools NJ homeowners need to start with a pool inspection. During this process a professional will access the condition of the pool. Once the needed repairs are decided upon, the owner can begin looking at their material options. Choices for the pool design NJ residents can pick from will include tile, coping, and plaster. They may also have to select flagstone for the surrounding deck. Next is the prep work. The cover will be taken off, and the pool will be drained. The filtration system is turned off, and the hydro-static plugs are removed. This is a good time to find a path for construction vehicles to use that won t cause excessive damage to other areas of the yard. Once demolition begins, the homeowner will have to be ready to deal with jack hammering and removal of debris. After this is completed the installation can begin. The coping is the first to be redone, followed by the tile. During each of these procedures there will be scaffolding and forms in and around the pool area. The finishing process is when the surrounding deck is renovated. Again, homeowners can expect to see forms set up. This time they will be used for the masonry work. Clean-up is when ruts are filled in and all debris and dirt is removed from the property. The pool and deck should be power washed before refilling and starting the filtration system.

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Famous Art

More and more people are receiving less for their dollar when it comes to art. This is a result of manufacturers mass producing low quality work. The ingenuity and aesthetics of art go deep, and manufacturers are cheapening that; not just by lowering costs, but by providing you with less than worthy artwork. Original art tells a story. It tells it within the painting itself, but also in the work that went into it as a craft. Each brush stroke is intended and has a purpose. We believe in the true value of original artwork; therefore, we are providing professional, meaningful, and highly value work to the public. If you’re tired of being ripped off with shallow paintings, sculptors, etc., then we have exactly what you’re looking for.Visit us online or in person for our Lowry original drawings and Lowry signed prints. (view site). We understand that finding artwork that actually means something can be difficult, but we have successfully found artists who are eager to put their work in your hands. Whether you’re an art collector, you’re decorating your home, or you simply appreciate art as a craft, we believe that there’s a piece of art here that was made just for you. Don’t hesitate to visit our website and carefully rummage through our vast inventory of original and autographed work. For more information or to reach us via phone or email, visit us today and get to know more about who we are. Click the link to visit Lowry. (read more).

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Best Beaches In Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the top destinations along the Atlantic seaboard that has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. So not matter what you are looking for, from a relaxing tan to playing with your kids in the water, Cape Town beaches has you covered. Listed below are some of the top beaches in the area that you must explore while visiting.Clifton Beach is one of the top beaches in the Cape Town area. This beach area actually has four mini beaches contained within the whole beach area. The area is perfectly sheltered against the wind, so there is no need to worry about sand blowing into your eyes. In addition, the entire area has several access points using stairs that lead from the roadway to the beach. There are also many food vendors that sell drinks, food, and ice cream. This is a perfect spot for families.Camps Bay is another excellent beach that tailors to the family crowds. There are several restaurants, food vendors, and equipment rental shops all across the beach area. In addition, there are sections of the beach that are perfect for sand volleyball and building that perfect sandcastle. Llandudno Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cape Town area. It is a perfect location to end the day by watching a romantic sunset. This is also a perfect place for surfers to go as there is a good array of waves throughout the day.As you can see Cape Town has plenty of wonderful beaches to see while visiting. So next time when your planning your trip with Travel Nation flights, make sure your destination is Cape Town.

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Storage Auctions

Finding a great deal might be as easy as taking a ride down to your nearest storage facility and participating in one of the many storage auctions that go on regularly. If you’d like more information about Dallas/Fort Worth auctions read more about them here. Some of the greatest deals can be found at storage auctions. People rent storage units for many reasons and will use them to store some of the most unusual, and in many cases valuable, stuff you could imagine. While these individuals probably never intended on losing their valuables, situations will come up making it impossible, for these individuals, to continue paying for the storage unit. Many of these individuals will simply abandon their unit, along with their valuables, leaving storage facility owners with no other choice but to auction off complete units to cover past due accounts. While this is an unfortunate situation for the individual who lost his belongings, it is an ideal situation for anyone looking for a bargain. Storage auctions are unpredictable and exciting as you never know what to expect. Most of the items, up for auction in a storage unit, are boxed and unable to be seen. And, in most cases, stepping into a unit to get a better look is, typically, not allowed. This is what makes storage auctions so unpredictable and exciting.Storage auctions are definitely worth considering and are always simple to find. While there is, typically, a slight risk involved in participating in storage auctions, the benefits are usually far greater. Finding the right storage auction can leave you with unexpected treasures so why not take the risk? If you would like more information on Texas auctions view site information for further details. And if you are interested in storage auctions in Houston Texas click here!

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A summer BBQ is perfect for your outdoor wedding

Summer weddings are a dream come true for many couples. Warm weather, lots of sunshine, long days, and enjoying the outdoors are all amazing aspects of summer that make outdoor weddings so attractive. Loved ones gather together to celebrate and feast the union of lovers. With so man attendees at weddings feeding everyone can turn out to be more of a hassle than many young couples bargain for. The best way to celebrate an outdoor wedding with style is to grill out and enjoy all the enjoyable out door opportunities. Grilling at weddings takes full advantage of timeless beach day festivities, garden weddings, mountain side weddings, canopy weddings, and even rooftop weddings. Having a bbq at a summer wedding is fun for the whole family. Everyone will enjoy the endless sections of succulent grilled meats, fresh and tasty salads, ice cold beverages, delicious grilled fruits and vegetables, and amazing desserts of bbq at a wedding Taking care of the food for everyone attending a wedding can be a huge undertaking, usually too large for the wedding couple. But, having a wedding catered with bbq is a crowd pleaser that will have friends and family remembering that special day for years to come. You don t have to do all the work yourself for this special occasion, leave that to the professionals of wedding catering Bath. Satisfy even the most critical of diner or wedding attending by having your very special day catered by Dine With Style caterers in Bath. On your wedding day you deserve the absolute best. Treat yourself to a catered bbq wedding this summer and make dreams and memories to last a lifetime.

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How to time your script so that it fits the anticipated length of your video – in one take!

When it comes to dialogue in a video, movie, or especially a live video production that you are shooting, it can be hard to anticipate the final length of the finished clip when everything is still on paper. Here are a few surefire tips to keep in mind while writing a script for your movie.First and foremost, you should determine what kind of script format that you’ll be writing. When writing a standard screenplay format with plenty of spaces, indents, and in 12 point Courier New font, each page ends up being about one minute of screen time. (Of course this can vary according to how many words you spend setting each scene). Other script formats vary widely, depending on what size font you choose, how many times you press the “enter” key, etc. As a good rule of thumb, standard screenplay format should be your go to format when it comes to writing for something that will be filmed. By sticking to the screenplay format, you can trust the “minute per page” rule a little more strongly. If you are unfamiliar with the screenplay format, there are many free tools online to help you write a script for the screen even if you have absolutely no prior knowledge on screenwriting.Regardless of what format you choose, the way you can get the most accurate estimate of your video’s running time is by reading aloud the script before shooting and timing how long it takes to do so. If your script involves multiple characters having a conversation, then consider having the actors sit down at a table together and read through the whole thing. By capturing the natural flow of conversation through a reading, you will end up with a far more accurate recorded time. Also, it may help if the readers of the script have already familiarized themselves to the dialogue a bit before reading it together so that you can avoid any stumbling or pauses that won’t actually happen during the take.Furthermore, by having your cast with their dialogue beforehand, you are much more likely to have a smooth shoot where as less as one take may only be necessary. Good luck, and happy shooting!

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